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Post  Miche||e on Sun Jul 04 2010, 16:56

So your all going to think I'm stupid but...whatever lol

I have a few ideas for like banners and such, only problem is due to my ADHD I'm not able to put it down into words, nor do I have photoshop, indesign, or illustrator anymore so I can't just whip it up...Sad I was wondering if maybe 1shotkill or someone could talk to me to try and get my idea into words lol

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Re: Ideas

Post  1shotkill on Sun Jul 04 2010, 19:11

ya sure i can do it all u have to do is email me or give me a way to contact you so we can talk and i will do my best to get the ideas into a banner or any thing you would like my email is if u want to email me and we can talk

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