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Example for application....

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Example for application....

Post  [WP] Forum Moderator on Wed Jun 30 2010, 10:57

Follow this guideline so it can be reviewed by an Officer.

Gamer Tag:
Steam Name:
Reason for joining:
How long you been playing CS:S:
Other games played:
Music Taste:
Other Hobbies:

All lines must be filled out for consideration to acceptance into the Wolf Pack. Any submission must be reviewed by all Officers.

Enlisted members can give referrals, which will we will take into consideration, but will not guarantee admission. No One But A Ranking Officer/Admin May Respond To Said Applicants! Do Not Respond To Apps Unless Otherwise Advised!

You MUST have final approval by a General before "WP|(rank)|" tag can be worn. If you choose to deny these rules, you will be banned immediately without warning. No questions.

Thanks for playing!
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